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Samsung Adds Support For Hardware Wallets On Galaxy Devices
Samsung Electronics has added new support assets for blockchain users with hardware wallets this week. The move will impact mobile Galaxy owners, allowing them to use third-party hardware wallets with the Samsung Blockch...
Traditional finance has much to learn from new entrant DeFi
DeFi protocols offer insights into the future of capital markets infrastructure, for those willing to pay attention. Incumbents in traditional capital markets, as well as new entrants looking to captu...
Altcoins pop while Bitcoin looks for support near $50,000
Bitcoin bulls struggle to push BTC price above $50,000 while ADA, MATIC and other large-cap altcoins realize double-digit gains. Bitcoin (BTC) continues to look for direction but as this occurred, Eth...
Kusama (KSM) price hits new highs as parachain auctions begin to take shape
KSM rallied to a new all-time high as investors rushed into new positions in order to participate in the hype surrounding the upcoming parachain auctions. Major protocol upgrades are one of the most p...
Crypto industry brass explains harnessing renewable energy could help BTC miners
Bitcoin mining via renewable energy is already prominent, one CEO explains. The energy consumed by mining — the process that keeps Bitcoin’s blockchain running — has been an increas...
Chance of a price crash increases as Cardano (ADA) futures near $1B
ADA's price crashed the last time its futures open interest reached $1 billion, leading traders to question whether or not it is about to happen again. The impressive 816% gain of Cardano's ADA c...
Lesson Learned: Teacher Loses Life Savings To Elon Musk Bitcoin Scam
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other crypto assets are making headlines all across mainstream finance for making people rich left and right. But as abundant as success stories are these days, there’s also a growi...
Project Senpai: Bringing Crypto and Anime Together as NFTs
Anime — the Japanese form of animation is a popular form of entertainment across the world. It commands a huge fan following and a dominating market share in the global animation market. The growing popularity has ...
Delphi Digital forms $5 million NFT investment ‘syndicate’
The new investment wing will focus on NFTs and NFT infrastructure. Delphi Digital — a multiservice cryptocurrency investment, consulting and research firm — announced on Friday the launc...
Square not revisiting its Bitcoin allocation, but still interested in the asset
Square appears content with its Bitcoin holdings for now. Over the course of 2020 and 2021, Square bought over $200 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC). At present, the payments company does not anticipat...
Was Bitcoin Crash Orchestrated? This 4 Theories Scream Beware
With so much FUD floating the Bitcoin and crypto market, many have wonder if the recent price action was the result of a “coordinated attack”.  Writer Rob O’Neill believes there are 4 potential mai...
Price analysis 5/14: BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, ADA, XRP, DOT, BCH, LTC, UNI
Bitcoin is showing signs of topping out but many altcoins remain strong, a signal that the decoupling between the two is likely to continue for a few more days. The Crypto Fear and Greed Index has di...
Argentina’s tax body reportedly asks crypto firms to report all activity
Argentina’s tax authority AFIP reportedly ordered domestic crypto exchanges and payment firms to provide monthly reports of all kinds of operations. A tax authority in Argentina is reportedly l...
As Bitcoin price staggers, ‘whale’ wallets may be becoming an endangered species
The number of whale wallets is down 16% since February. As Bitcoin looks to recover on Friday from a stomach-churning dip on the back of a strong bid, on-chain data indicates that high-net-worth "whal...
Crypto currently is comparable to the early days of cell phones, Coinbase President says
Crypto needs to be more user-friendly, according to Emilie Choi. In terms of adoption, products and services, the crypto industry has come a long way since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009. Emilie Cho...
Capture the industry? Token IPOs aim for $200T global capital market
Security token issuers say the STO market needs greater liquidity to make a significant dent in the $200-trillion global capital market. Earlier in May, INX Limited — a Gibraltar-based blockchai...
Crypto PR: The good, the bad and the shoddy
Like most crypto journalists, Will Foxley has a horror story about a bad encounter he had with a dodgy PR person. The former tech reporter at CoinDesk recalls being embarrassed in his first few days on the job after he r...
I spy with my laser eye: A Twitter phenomenon to make Bitcoin mainstream?
An increasing number of high-profile celebrities have continued to adopt the “laser eye” meme on Twitter in recent months. Beams of light flashing out of a person’s eyes are not an u...
Spanish stock exchange ready to test blockchain-based SME financing system
A Spanish stock exchange is moving forward with further tests of its planned blockchain-based system to finance small- and medium-sized enterprises. Spanish stock exchange Bolsas y Mercados Espa&ntild...
City in North Dakota now accepts cryptocurrency for utility payments
The city of Williston of North Dakota has officially started accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for utility payments via BitPay. A city in North Dakota is joining the cryptocurrency adoption race...
Coinbase Banks On Dogecoin Listing To Revive Stuttering Fortunes
Divisive meme token Dogecoin will get a Coinbase listing within the next six to eight weeks. The comments came from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, who was discussing how the firm can move forward following its worse-than-...
ETH price regains $4K as possible Ethereum 2.0 ‘full validator’ count hits 17-month low
Glassnode data reveals that the number of Ethereum addresses holding at least 32 ETH has declined steadily in recent months. The number of Ethereum addresses that hold more than or equal to 32 Ether (...
UK will likely need to issue a digital currency, says BoE deputy governor
The Bank of England's deputy governor has argued that, with the possible rise of non-bank actors issuing currency, public money in digital form could serve as a crucial anchor for confidence in money as a social conventi...
Exeedme’s Launches OPEN BETA Competition with Over $10,000 in Prizes
Exeedme, a Portugal-based gaming company, has announced that their Play2Earn platform is now open to the wider public. The company has a stated goal of redirecting the global gaming market (worth 170 Billion USD) from a ...
Diginex's crypto custody arm receives green light from UK financial watchdog
The firm said clearing the regulatory hurdle had the potential to drive more institutional investors towards crypto custody solutions. Financial regulators in the U.K. have approved Digivault, the sec...
Turkish customs confiscate over 500 smuggled Bitcoin mining rigs
Turkey’s biggest bust against crypto mining smugglers resulted in the seizure of $600,000 worth of illegal Bitcoin ASIC miners and the detention of four suspects. Turkish customs enforcements br...
Singapore’s biggest bank launches crypto trust solution
After posting tenfold crypto volume growth in Q1 2021, DBS Private Bank is expanding its crypto services with a new trust solution. DBS Private Bank, one of the biggest wealth managers in Asia outside...
'Fear' grips Bitcoin as crypto market sentiment drops to lowest levels since April 2020
Trader sentiment is verging on "extreme fear," the Index shows amid echoes of the climate after the March 2020 cross-asset crash. Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin traders are more nervous than any time in ov...
Early crypto pioneer slams Elon Musk’s ‘hypocrisy’ on Bitcoin payments
One early cryptocurrency entrepeneur thinks Elon Musk lacks moral consistency when it comes to his management of Bitcoin. The founder of one of the first physical cryptocurrency exchanges has slammed ...
Bitcoin 'held up very well' despite biggest exchange inflow since March 2020 crash
Bitcoin saw a real test of its market composition on Thursday amid a sea of liquidations reminiscent of the events from last year. Bitcoin (BTC) has performed "very well" as traders send more coins to...
New Australian Islamic finance DeFi platform is ‘guided by Sharia’
Islamic finance is not always compatible with DeFi's focus on risk and yield, but a new platform aims to blend the best of both. A team based out of Sydney is building what it claims is the world&rsq...
DOGE surges as Elon Musk says he’s working with devs to ‘improve efficiency’
Musk’s latest tweet resulted in a 26% surge in the price of DOGE, while Coinbase is set to list the coin in six to eight weeks. Elon Musk’s latest foray into crypto markets came a few ho...
GoodFi coalition adds 22 industry leaders to help attract 100M to DeFi
The decentralized finance coalition has onboarded 22 leaders from 19 teams to help further its mission of bringing 100 million people into DeFi by 2025. Non-profit decentralized finance alliance, Good...
Microsoft quietly closing down Azure blockchain in September
Microsoft is closing its Azure Blockchain Service, giving existing customers just four months to transition to new service providers. Microsoft is turning off its corporate Azure Blockchain Service on...
Elon Musk loses $20B since SNL, as Michael Saylor comes out firing
Tesla stock has dipped 14% since Elon Musk appeared on SNL, with Musk estimated to have lost $20 billion in that time frame. Elon Musk has reportedly lost $20 billion since his May 8 appearance on Sa...
Coinbase revenue tripled in Q1, plans to add bank-like services and to list DOGE
During the first quarter, Coinbase’s active users increased by 120%, while trade volumes tripled. The first-quarter 2021 revenue of leading United States-based crypto exchange Coinbase more than...
Green energy tokens capitalize on Tesla’s decision to nix Bitcoin payments
Tesla’s decision to cease Bitcoin payments ignited a green energy debate that sent the price of low energy consumption protocols, such as NANO, HBAR and EWT, higher. After months of touting the...
Shanghai Man: Aping out of gorilla token, digital dollar Biden its time... and more
An up-and-down week was filled with high volumes for animal tokens and a flurry of digital yuan news, capped by a large fundraising round for Babel Finance. This weekly roundup of news from Mainland...
MicroStrategy Discloses A $15M Bitcoin Purchase
When it comes to bitcoin, MicroStrategy is looking for more. This comes after buying over 20,000 BTC in the first quarter of the year, at an average cost of roughly $52K (for a total cost exceeding $1B). Now, the busines...
Oh where, oh where have Ethereum bulls gone? Sub-$4K ETH fails to entice traders
It seems the low funding rate on ETH futures contracts and the recent 96% rally are not enough to convince traders to buy the Ethereum price dip. Cryptocurrency price corrected sharply today, includin...
Alpha Homora defies market slump, bolsters TVL and token price on v2 relaunch
The leveraged yield farming protocol looks to put multiple missteps in the past with a successful relaunch. After a rocky first quarter, decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Alpha Homora announced th...
Does Mike Novogratz hold more than $5B in crypto?
In a recent interview, the Galaxy Digital founder said his crypto investments amounted to 85% of his net worth. Galaxy Digital founder and CEO Mike Novogratz, a billionaire active in the digital asset...
Ethereum bulls maintain control ahead of Friday’s $730M ETH options expiry
Traders bullish on Ether have a $109 million advantage heading into the $730 million ETH options expiry on May 14. Ether (ETH) initiated a rally on April 25, which resulted in a 90% gain that pushed t...
Price analysis 5/13: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, DOGE, XRP, DOT, BCH, LTC, UNI
Bitcoin remains on slippery ground and the completion of a bearish candlestick pattern signals that further downside is possible for BTC and altcoins. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on May 13 that the c...
Ratio of Ether’s market cap doubled Bitcoin in the last year – Pantera Capital
Ether now accounts for 19.2% of the overall cryptocurrency market, whereas Bitcoin dominance has fallen to 40.7%. The market capitalization of Ether (ETH) has increased at a much faster rate than Bi...
Bitcoin whale MicroStrategy buys additional 271 BTC
CEO Michael Saylor disclosed the $15 million BTC purchase on Thursday. MicroStrategy, a Virginia-based business intelligence firm, has added another 271 Bitcoin (BTC) to its strategic reserves, unde...
Musk is right that dirty bitcoins and clean Teslas don’t sit well together
The currency is an environmental abomination and investors should be pleased the founder has said soElon Musk moves in mysterious ways, so it would be foolish to assume that his new sceptical stance on bitcoin will last ...
Bitcoin drops to $46K, altcoins sell off as report claims Binance is under investigation
News that Binance could be under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department and IRS triggered a marketwide sell-off that saw Bitcoin's price drop to $46,000. Within the last hour, Bitcoin's (BTC) pr...
Tether discloses full reserve breakdown for the first time
Cash, cash equivalents, other short-term deposits and commercial paper make up 75.85% of Tether’s proven reserves as of March 31. Tether Holdings Limited, the company behind the popular Tethet (...
Binance is reportedly under investigation from IRS and Justice Department
The price of Bitcoin and Ether both fell between 3% and 5% as the report spread across social media. Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance is reportedly under investigation by both the United States D...
Cardano nears $2, Nano jumps 125% in firm shrug to Bitcoin bears and Elon Musk
The third-largest altcoin is following its own bullish path with new dollar all-time highs and a three-year high against Bitcoin. Cardano's ADA token, the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market ...
Bear Phase Fractal Warns Of Pain, Bitcoin Bull Market To Remain Unbroken
The rug was just pulled across crypto, wiping out gains from the past week and then some. Bitcoin is now back at prices from March, and is at risk of falling deeper into a bear phase according to a fractal found in the r...
DeFi Is About to Undergo a Radical Transformation
Though decentralized finance is one of the dominant uses for blockchain technology today, it can be easy to forget that the industry is still in its very earliest stages of development. After all, just three years ago, a...
Game Changer: The Universal in-App Currency Made for Both Users and Developers
Global gaming revenues are booming, with mobile games surpassing 75 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue, which accounted for 43 percent of the global gaming market in 2020 (Source: Statista). While purchasing the game...
GoodFi Advisory Board Attracts 22 Executives from Chainlink, Aave, Radix, mStable and Other Leading DeFi Projects
GoodFi, a not-for-profit organization created by Radix with the mission of getting 100 million people into DeFi by 2025, announced today the addition of 22 executives to its advisory board from DeFi industry leaders such...
Bitcoin is durable, says BlackRock's Rick Rieder
The chief investment officer seemed to be unmoved by Elon Musk's announcement on Wednesday but still highlighted some challenges Bitcoin will likely face. Rick Rieder, chief investment officer at Blac...
Quiet down, Elon: 5 crypto stories that didn't need Musk's Twitter antics to move markets
Yeah, yeah, we get it: Elon loves attention. Here's a picture to keep him happy. Meanwhile, let's take a look a five crypto news stories this month that didn't require us to fawn over his influence... ...
Cardano-Based DeFi Infrastructure Builder deFIRE Raises $5 Million In Pre-IDO Funding
Many blockchains have gained traction in the world of decentralized finance. Although Cardano is not often mentioned in this context, that situation may come to change soon. Decentralized smart order routing engine deFIR...
1inch Network increases liquidity sources by expanding to Polygon
Polygon, formerly known as Matic, offers 1inch Network more capabilities, including higher throughput and access to large liquidity pools. 1inch Network, a leading decentralized exchange aggregator, ...
Polkadot-centric derivatives exchange raises $6.4M in seed funding
DTrade is planning to build the first derivatives exchange on Polkadot following a highly successful private investment round. Decentralized exchange dTrade is bringing derivatives trading to the Po...
AppSwarm’s DOGE division calls for a global dev teams to build off Dogecoin
AppSwarm’s newly launched Dogecoin division, DogeLabs, wants to become a global Dogecoin player by uniting worldwide DevOps teams. A Dogecoin (DOGE)-focused division of publicly traded over-the...
Central Bank of Bahrain and JPMorgan to work on digital currency settlement pilot
The Central Bank of Bahrain expects that its digital currency collaboration with JPMorgan and Bank ABC could extend to a CBDC. The government of Bahrain, the third-richest Arab country, is working wit...
Investment bank Cowen set to offer institutional-grade crypto custody
The 103-year-old bank wants to hold crypto for asset managers and hedge funds as Wall Street begins offering cryptocurrency products to institutional clients. Cowen Inc., an independent American inves...
Unstoppable Domains’ .crypto websites now available via Brave browser
In contrast with traditional domains stored on behalf of users by custodians like Google Domains, .crypto domains are stored in crypto wallets. Major privacy-focused browser Brave is the latest browse...
Blockchain sector drives female participation through funding and education
Blockchain companies are seeking out women-led teams for funding rounds to help close the financial gender gap, but will this suffice? While it’s encouraging to see that the number of female cry...
Grayscale's diversified crypto fund files to become SEC reporting company
Grayscale Investments has filed to make its $630 million diversified large-cap crypto fund an SEC reporting company. Grayscale has filed its third Form 10 with the United States Securities and Exchang...
$425bn Wiped Off Crypto Market As Musk Says Bitcoin Is Bad For The Environment
Elon Musk has released a statement saying Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin as payment for its electric vehicles. The firm said the decision was based on the increasing use of coal in Bitcoin mining. “We are conc...
Mark Cuban counters Elon Musk, says Mavs will continue to accept Bitcoin
The Dallas Mavericks owner contends that Bitcoin replacing the legacy financial system will be a net positive for society and the environment. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban will not be following in ...
Coreto Platform to Get a Makeover with Coreto Design Language
A month after its Alpha launch, the reputation based online social platform for crypto communities, Coreto has entered Phase II and is in the process of receiving a huge upgrade. As a part of this new development, the co...
Bitcoin price fails to build $50K support as traders eye lower levels next
Time to buy or wait and see? Bitcoin may have further to fall, but long-term price trends are still intact. Bitcoin (BTC) dipped below $50,000 again on Thursday as the fallout from Elon Musk’s c...
Bank of Korea wants to monitor crypto trading activity, cites monetary risks
South Korea’s central bank is the latest entity seeking powers to monitor crypto trading activity in the country. The Bank of Korea reportedly has plans to maintain strict oversight on crypto tr...
Here’s why Ethereum, AAVE, ALPHA are unfazed by Bitcoin’s latest ‘Elon candle’
Several altcoins managed to escape the Bitcoin Tesla FUD. Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins’ markets lost a combined total of up to $602 billion overnight in a shocker brought forth by Elon Musk.The bi...
Are You Unbanked? Save More with Samecoin’s Revolutionary Investment Options
More and more people are deciding to move away from the jurisdiction of bricks-and-mortar banks as they want more control over their money. Unbanking is a growing movement, but people aren’t storing their cash unde...
NFT game developer Animoca Brands completes capital raise at $1B valuation
NFT game developer Animoca Brands is claiming the status of crypto’s latest unicorn after raising almost $89 million at a $1-billion valuation. NFT-focussed game developer Animoca Brands has ann...
SoftBank founder hesitant on Bitcoin but says it ‘can’t be ignored’
SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son compares the popularity of Bitcoin to diamonds and bonds, but he still remains unsure about it. Tesla’s tag game with Bitcoin (BTC) might have triggered a race in ...
The Future of Art Exhibitions: A Talk with the Team Behind NFT BAZL
Everyone knows about Miami’s famous Art Basel, but the NFT craze has opened the doors for a new kind of exhibition. Wealth management platform Elitium and blockchain investment firm GDA Capital have teamed up for t...
Hong Kong to expand pilots for cross-border use of digital yuan
The first phase of tests for use of the digital yuan across borders has been successful, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has said. The Digital Currency Institute of the People’s Bank of China a...
Sotheby’s crypto-powered auction sells Banksy art for $13M
Sotheby’s originally estimated Banksy’s “Love is in the Air” to sell for up to $5 million. Major auction house Sotheby’s has completed its cryptocurrency-enabled auction ...
3 reasons why Bitcoin doesn't care about Elon Musk
Tempers are running hot in the latest round of Bitcoin FUD, but a longer-term perspective reveals "business as usual" for BTC. Bitcoin (BTC) dived 17% when Tesla CEO Elon Musk criticized its energy co...
Diem parters with Silvergate bank to launch stablecoin in the US
Facebook-initiated Diem Association announces a new model of its upcoming stablecoin that is set to be issued by California state-chartered bank Silvergate. Facebook-backed digital currency project&nb...
Australian man Craig Wright who alleges he created bitcoin takes £4bn claim to London high court
Computer scientist demands 16 software developers give access to 111,000 bitcoins in case one defendant has called ‘bogus’An Australian computer scientist who alleges he created bitcoin has launched a London ...
You can buy condos with DOGE in Portugal as crypto real estate listings soar
You can now use Dogecoin to buy luxury apartments in Portugal, with a penthouse currently on sale for around 5 million DOGE, worth roughly $2.2 million. Dogecoin (DOGE) has often been seen as a joke ...
TA: Ethereum Dives Below $4K, Here’s Why ETH Could Struggle In Short-Term
Ethereum started a major decline from well above $4,000 against the US Dollar. ETH price is now correcting losses from $3,500, but it could struggle near $4,050 and $4,100. Ethereum topped near the $4,375 before staring ...
Bitwise launches US ‘crypto ETF’… sort of
Bitwise has launched a new ETF offering exposure to the top publicly listed firms operating in the blockchain and crypto industries. Bitwise Asset Management has announced the launch of its Crypto Ind...
YFDAI Releases Robust Roadmap Update for 2021
YFDAI (YF-DAI) has updated its 2021 roadmap on the heels of launching the SafeSwap Governance Token, SSGT. The launch of this token achieves a major goal set for Q2 of the year, and with more than half of the quarter sti...
Which 'green' cryptocurrency is Tesla likely to add for payments?
Elon Musk revealed that Tesla will halt all BTC transactions due to environmental concerns, with the firm set to look at more energy-efficient cryptocurrencies. On May 13, Elon Musk sent shockwaves ...
dotmoovs Raises $840,000 to Fuel Growth of Blockchain eSports
dotmoovs, a startup dedicated to creating non-fungible tokens of athletes, has completed a private funding round of $840,000 led by several prominent figures in the blockchain industry. The oversubscribed round was led b...
Gemini's crypto custody tops $30B as analyst predicts Coinbase shares will fall to $100
Gemini's crypto assets in custody have trebled this year which the exchange attributes to surging interest from institutions and asset managers, The Winklevoss twins’ Gemini exchange now has $30...
TA: Bitcoin Nosedives $10K, Here’s Why Recovery Could Face Hurdles
Bitcoin price declined over $10,000 against the US Dollar after Elion Musk’s tweet. BTC is now correcting losses, but the previous support near $52,000 could act as a hurdle. Bitcoin started a major decline from we...
Backlash to Elon Musk’s Bitcoin bombshell as traders start to buy the dip
Tesla’s decision to suspend accepting Bitcoin as payment has sent crypto Twitter into a frenzy, with some onlookers alleging a 'pump n dump' while others are boldly buying the dip. With Tesla&r...
Goldman Sachs Exec Says Much Nope To Firm After Making Millions On Dogecoin
According to The Telegraph, a senior Goldman Sachs executive has quit the firm after making millions from Dogecoin. Aziz McMahon, the Head of Emerging Market Sales, resigned after 14 years with the investment bank. It&rs...
Elon Musk says Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin due to fossil fuel use
Digital currency, which is made with an energy-intensive process, falls 17% after the tweet Tesla has suspended customers’ use of bitcoin to purchase its vehicles, Elon Musk said on Wednesday, citing concerns about...
Bitcoin loses 6% in an hour after Tesla drops payments over carbon concerns
Bitcoin has shed nearly 6% in an hour after Tesla suspended its support for payments in BTC. The Bitcoin markets are pulling back after electric car manufacturer Tesla suspended its support for vehicl...
Finance Redefined: Never a dull day in DeFi! May 5-12
One of the busiest days of the year for DeFi featured exploits, rugpulls, protocol pivots, and more. Never a dull day indeed. Today was among the busiest in recent DeFi memory, featuring a hack ...
Bitcoin, altcoins and stocks drop as inflation fears impact investor confidence
Rising fears of inflation and big government spending rocked equities markets and possibly had a knock-on effect on Bitcoin and altcoin prices. The cryptocurrency market corrected sharply on May 12 af...
Bitcoin for pizza, not the other way around, says Papa John's offer to UK customers
Users of cryptocurrency exchange Luno can claim $14 in BTC rewards before Sunday. Famous pizza chain Papa John’s has begun giving away cryptocurrency rewards for customers in the United Kingdom....
When all-time high? Bitcoin traders lose confidence as BTC price slumps
Bitcoin adoption continues to increase but derivatives data shows retail and professional traders are reluctant to build new bullish positions. Bitcoin's (BTC) recent price action has disappointed mos...
Vitalik Buterin Dumps His SHIB, Price Tanks 30% In 1 Hour
Ethereum inventor, Vitalik Buterin, might have single handily put a halt to the meme coins mania, at least, in the short term. Buterin was the recipient of 50% of the entire supply of Shiba Inu (SHIB), a token that saw a...
IRS will seize your crypto if you can't pay back taxes
If you’re a cryptocurrency holder with past-due tax debts, your provable holdings may be confiscated by the IRS if you don’t pay back what you owe. The United States Internal Revenue Age...
Double Bottom On The Dollar Could Be The End Of Bitcoin Rally
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and just about every other asset on the planet trades against the dollar on its most liquid trading pair, and the greenback is the base currency that all exchanges rates are based on. The power an...
MoneyGram Supporting Retail Bitcoin Buying In US
In partnership with Coinme, MoneyGram has announced today their intent to accept buying and selling of Bitcoin at over 12,000 US locations. The announcement also included the intent to expand support for Bitcoin internat...
Dog day afternoon as Vitalik dumps multiple memecoins in the name of charity
Dog-themed tokens see an abrupt end to their rallies as Vitalik Buterin liquidates the positions he was gifted and donates the proceeds to charity. The dog-themed race up the cryptocurrency charts cam...
Cointelegraph Consulting: Aave’s avenue to over $11 billion in TVL
Breaking down Aave protocol’s usage and its liquidity mining program as the platform’s TLV doubles in under a month. Although Aave was launched in the beginning of 2020, it has experienced...
SEC enforcement actions cost crypto firms and individuals $1.7B in penalties
Of the 75 enforcement actions on crypto brought by the commission from 2013 to 2020, the majority involved allegations of fraud or unregistered securities offerings. The United States Securities and E...
DOTOracle – Rendering Decentralized Solutions to Polkadot and its Ecosystem
With a jump of more than 350% in its price this year, Ethereum has outperformed major cryptocurrencies, bolstered by the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, like liquidity aggregators and decentralized exchan...
Interview: CEO of OKEx Jay Hao and the Lightning Network Team on Platform’s Adoption of Bitcoin Layer-2 Scalability Solution
The leading global crypto exchange and derivatives trading platform OKEx recently announced support for Bitcoin’s scalability solution, Lightning Network. Regarding the new development, we had the opportunity to in...
Vitalik Buterin says Uniswap should become an oracle token
“UNI is in an excellent position to be a token for such an oracle,” said Buterin, in reference to decentralized pricing oracles for stablecoins. Uniswap’s native UNI token can grea...
How crypto companies can go public in 2021, explained
There is huge demand for crypto companies to go public right now — but in this day and age, are initial public offerings their only option? Beyond Coinbase, are there any oth...
Bitcoin car will race at the Indianapolis 500
“This isn’t the Strike car, the Coinbase car, the Kraken car [...] this is the Bitcoin car,” said Jack Mallers. A car and driver branded with the Bitcoin logo will be racing in circ...
Ethereum Approach 500% Gain In 2021 As Crypto Market Cap Surge Above $2.5 Trillion
After hitting its new ATH of $4350, Ethereum price was up approximately 7.9% on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, and trading around $4,291 at the time of reporting according to TradingView. ETH Price Push Up Crypto Market Cap Th...
Ethereum price aims for $5K after reaching 3-year high versus Bitcoin
Ethereum puts in two USD all-time highs in a day, but in BTC terms, it still has a long way to go. Ether (ETH) set a second all-time high on May 12 as the largest altcoin continued on its way to what...
SEC warns of Bitcoin futures risks in mutual funds
The U.S. SEC will monitor the compliance of mutual funds with exposure to Bitcoin futures and look into whether the market can accommodate an ETF. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission,...
When dollars meet the hype: The biggest NFT hits from celebrities
Nonfungible tokens continue to drive millions of dollars in sales. Here are the biggest NFT earners of 2021 so far. Nonfungible tokens have quickly become a mainstream phenomenon, and a number of cele...
DeFi lending platform Aave reveals 'permissioned pool' for institutions
Designed for institutional investors, the lending pool will feature KYC and AML restrictions. The banks are out of the bag: In a Tweet on Wednesday, Stani Kulechov, co-founder of decentralized financ...
MoneyGram to allow retail Bitcoin buying in the US
MoneyGram customers in the United States will soon be able to buy Bitcoin in the country’s retail outlets across the country. Crypto adoption among mainstream payment service companies continues...
Griff Green: Doge-loving hippy hacker steals crypto before bad guys can
The organizer of The Robin Hood Group which once stole 10% of all circulating ETH from under a black hat hackers nose wants to change the way we think about charity.A former chemical engineer, Griff Green, 36, traded i...
Bitrue floats $50M cryptocurrency investment fund
The crypto exchange platform plans to support blockchain startups working on paradigm-shifting use cases for the emerging technology. Bitrue crypto exchange has announced a $50-million investment fund...
NYDIG Hires Bridgewater CFO In Drive To Bring Bitcoin To Banks
Bitcoin custody firm NYDIG has appointed John Dalby as its new CFO. Dalby spent almost three years at the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates. Commenting on his new role, he said: “The growth o...
Goldman Sachs exec reportedly quits job after making Dogecoin fortune
After working at Goldman Sachs for 14 years, a banker reportedly left the firm due to netting massive gains from their Dogecoin holdings. A senior manager at banking giant Goldman Sachs in London has ...
How Financial Fraud is Prevented with the Samecoin DeFi Protocol
One big factor that’s driving up adoption in the crypto space is the ability to gain complete control of your finances. This is important for people who either want total control or simply don’t like leaving ...

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