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The Evil Plan is doing just fine…

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Guedes Plan status update:

  1. Install a gringo-loving president that is absolutely bonkers, controversial, and vocal. This will keep the media and the opposition busy trying to prove each one of his false assertions are incorrect. As they say: it takes ten times more energy to prove something is stupid than it takes to say it in the first place.
    1. Tricks to get this fool elected: make him pretend he is religious, that he caters to the working class, that he will get rid of corruption (Other people’s corruption, not ours!), etc. We can use that fool Moro for a bit to get elected then we get rid of him or he will arrest us too…
  2. Use all weapons of mass disinformation available to spread fake news and attack any opposition.
  3. Meanwhile, have our buddy Guedes push the economy-destroying agenda that we have been brainwashing into people’s heads for ages:
    1. “Small state” is better! Governments are inefficient! Long live the entrepreneurs to save us from inefficiency! Just to confirm: by “small” we mean larger but only spending money with our buddies, not with the rest of the population…
    2. Austerity is good for you in the long run, have faith! Pray to the austerity gods! The Chicago School Testament says so!
    3. Destroy the value of the currency so we can buy everything cheap!
    4. Remove any barriers for us to buy all of their stuff!
    5. Remove the Central Bank from the Government’s control so our finance buddies can run the economy without those pesky elected officials. Long live Financial Dictatorship, I mean, Democracy!
    6. Can we sell them that we need an independent fiscal group as well? Worth a try, such dumb folks…
    7. Oh, while we are at it, can sell them the “Trickle Down Economics” myth? They’ll probably buy that too…
    8.  Sell everything from the government at fire sale prices, especially after destroying the value of their currency! Make sure our buddies get a commission on those sales! Let our other buddies buy everything and charge the population higher prices for using those things forever: roads, public services, schools, parks, mail, water, sewage, energy, etc.!
    9. Block our competitors from entering the market, or even kick them out: China (Huawei), Europeans, etc.!

And while we are at it: