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Second post

I am just going to write something here to get started and break the ice, get over the first real post “writer’s block”. I have been watching Brazil deteriorate from a safe distance for some time now. Outdated and ineffective orthodox principles are being used to determine policy and its killing the economy, the population, and everyone’s future. Its as if the tribal bullies got together and decided to make everyone drink poison to attract good spirits. The tribal bullies being the opinion makers and powerful actors, the poison is the suicidal economic policies, and the good spirits are the “investors” (both imaginary beings).

I don’t know where or how this will end, but I see no reason why it will end well. It will take something drastic to turn the tribal bullies’ opinions around to steer away from the suicidal path. It seems a safe bet to get your money out of the country before it becomes worthless in dollar terms, gets taxed away, or eaten by inflation…