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Ethereum’s Price is “Convincingly Bearish”: Here’s What Comes After 20% Week
Over the past seven days, Ethereum (ETH) has exploded higher, gaining 20% according to price data from Coin360. This meant that it outperformed Bitcoin (BTC), which gained 9% within the same time period. ETH has actually...
New EU AML Compliance Laws Could Disrupt the Crypto Industry
As the 5AMLD is signed into law, turbulent times lie ahead for the crypto industry, experts discuss the changes. On Jan. 10, the European Union’s 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD), was...
Mind the Gap: Identifying and Trading 4 Different Bitcoin Charts Gaps
Everyone in crypto is talking about CME gaps, but all gaps are not created equal. Learn to identify the types and how to trade them. The talk of the crypto community in the past few months has been th...
Bitcoin’s Next All-Time-High May Be Lower Than Many Expect; Levels to Watch For
Towards the end of 2019 that lackluster price action experienced by Bitcoin had led many investors and analysts alike to grow increasingly bearish on the cryptocurrency, and discussions about BTC surging to fresh all-tim...
Oklahoma Senator Working on Bill for State-Backed Blockchain Institution
Oklahoma senator Nathan Dahm will introduce a new bill set to support blockchain and digital asset innovation in the state. Oklahoma senator Nathan Dahm wrote a new bill for his state which looks to b...
Eminem’s New Album Makes Him Less Relevant Than Ever
Eminem's album sales have slipped for three LPs in a row. By selling out with "Music To Be Murdered By," he's aiming for a new low. The post Eminem’s New Album Makes Him Less Relevant Than Ever appeared first on CC...
Why Trump Launched 2 New Fronts in an Unnerving Assault on the Media
Donald Trump delivered two crushing blows to the media this week as he fights to gain control of his narrative. The post Why Trump Launched 2 New Fronts in an Unnerving Assault on the Media appeared first on
Leaked PS5 Controller Feature Is Cool But Unoriginal
An internet user managed to snag a screenshot of Sony's upcoming PS5 controller. It's cool, but not quite revolutionary. The post Leaked PS5 Controller Feature Is Cool But Unoriginal appeared first on
Bitcoin Price Signal That Preceded 4,000% Rally Now Forming, and It’s Huge for BTC
Ever since Bitcoin investors got a taste of parabolic price appreciation in 2019, which saw BTC gain 330% in some four months, they’ve been craving it, evidenced in the incessant flow of lofty predictions on Crypto...
XRP on the Brink of Massive Gains as It Races Towards a Key Resistance Level
XRP is currently positioning itself to be the dark horse of 2020, as the embattled token is now setting itself up to see massive near-term upside, which comes mere weeks after it closed 2019 with YTD losses of over 40%. ...
Tether Claims to Be Okay With Merger of Class-Action Lawsuits Against It
Tether says it did not deny prosecutors’ request to consolidate three lawsuits the stablecoin and its sister exchange Bitfinex are facing. Currently facing multiple lawsuits, cryptocurrency stab...
Plaintiffs Combine Their Market-Manipulation Lawsuits Against Bitfinex and Tether
Three class action lawsuits alleging Bitfinex and Tether manipulated the bitcoin market have been combined in federal court, with the stablecoin issuer promising to fight the claims....
A $50,000 Bitcoin Price; How Likely is a 13-Digit Market Cap?
Bitcoin started 2020 in fine form. The BTC price opened the year at around $7,185 and, at the time of writing, sits just shy of $8,900. With the leading crypto asset posting consistent gains so far this year, a sense of ...
Canopy Growth Delay Raises Brutal Question: Will This Pot Stock Ever Turn a Profit?
Canopy Growth delays its much-anticipated cannabis beverage at a time when pot stocks are struggling to turn a profit. The post Canopy Growth Delay Raises Brutal Question: Will This Pot Stock Ever Turn a Profit? appeared...
Uncovering the Motives Behind North Korea’s Crypto Conference
The U.N. and other experts have warned against attending North Korea’s upcoming crypto conference, questioning the motives behind the event. On Jan. 15, the United Nations warned that attending ...
Cointelegraph Partners With Oxygen7 to Raise Funds for Australia Relief Efforts
Using the power of cryptocurrency and mobilizing the crypto community for good. January 16, 2020 — As a company, Cointelegraph cares about the environment and the world in which we all live. The...
Chainalysis Finds Terrorists Are Refining Crypto Financing Operations
A new study by Chainalysis finds that terrorists are refining their financing operations using cryptocurrency. A new study by Chainalysis finds that terrorists are refining their financing operations ...
This Bullish Bitcoin Indicator Flashed 3 Times in 11 Years. It Just Hit Again
The short-term bull market that Bitcoin has been caught within over the past couple of weeks has completely altered the sentiment amongst cryptocurrency investors for the better and has led to a strong sense of vitality ...
The Prospect of Building a New International Monetary System Is Getting Real
When world leaders gather in Davos next week, they'll confront an essential question, says Circle's Jeremy Allaire: Can they seize blockchain's ability to create value for people around the world?...
Ugandan Victims of Dunamiscoins Scam Petition Gov’t for Lost Investments
Over 5,000 victims of the alleged crypto pyramid scheme Dunamiscoins have petitioned the Ugandan Parliament asking to refund money lost in the scam. Over 5,000 victims of the alleged cryptocurrency py...
Ex-NFL Team Owner Pleads Guilty to Running Unlicensed Money Transmitter
Crypto Capital co-founder Reginald Fowler pleaded guilty to operating an unlicensed money transmission business Friday. Additional charges were dropped....
Are Bitcoin Price Predictions Helping or Hindering Crypto?
Over the years people have made some pretty spectacular price predictions for Bitcoin and other crypto assets. They range from the rampantly bullish to the suspiciously pessimistic. Do such price forecasts benefit the cr...
Tyrone Ross on Why Financial Advisors Are Taking Notice of DeFi
Financial advisor and crypto advocate Tyrone Ross joins for hot takes on financial advisors, DeFi and the most important company in crypto....
Dow Limps Higher, but Boeing’s Titanic 737 MAX Costs Will Shock Investors
The Dow barely moved to the upside on Friday as a collapse in Boeing (NYSE: BA) weighed heavily on the U.S. stock market. The post Dow Limps Higher, but Boeing’s Titanic 737 MAX Costs Will Shock Investors appeared ...
Canadian Regulatory Group Targets Crypto Exchanges Holding Users’ Digital Assets
Canada's top financial watchdog has told crypto exchanges they will be subject to securities law if they act as custodians to users' digital assets....
Telegram CEO’s 18-Hour Deposition Transcript Is Published Online
In line with a November court ruling, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov gave a deposition regarding alleged violation of U.S. securities law by Gram token sale. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov gave a deposition regar...
The Case For Why $6,400 Wasn’t Bitcoin’s Local Downtrend Bottom
The cryptocurrency community is currently exploding with exuberance, as Bitcoin may have broken out from its recent downtrend into a full-blown reversal, and the rest of the crypto space has seen altcoins going on hundre...
Three Days From Hearings Before India’s Supreme Court on Crypto Ban
Three days of the Supreme Court of India’s hearing on the ban on bank interactions with cryptocurrencies throughout the country. The Supreme Court of India has wrapped up the first three days in...
SEC's CryptoMom Wants US to Learn From Chinese Digital Innovation
The U.S. should learn from other countries, especially China, on digital currency, says SEC commissioner Hester Peirce. The United States could learn from China’s innovations in digital currency...
Ethereum Classic Skyrockets Over 100% with a Dash of Binance Leverage
The ethereum classic price went stratospheric after ETC futures were listed on Binance this week. It's now a top 10 crypto by market cap. The post Ethereum Classic Skyrockets Over 100% with a Dash of Binance Leverage app...
This Simple Chart Divulges Where the Gold Price Goes from Here
Gold's price is eyeing a recovery on Friday, but a key technical indicator could dictate the next major trend. The post This Simple Chart Divulges Where the Gold Price Goes from Here appeared first on
New Sony Patent May Solve the PS5’s Biggest Mystery
A newly granted patent filed by Sony may offer the best technical look yet at how the PlayStation 5 will achieve backward compatibility. The post New Sony Patent May Solve the PS5’s Biggest Mystery appeared first o...
Despite Bitcoin Price Surging, Google Search Volume Is Trending Down
During the crypto hype bubble that rocketed Bitcoin and Ethereum into the public eye, making them household names and causing their values to reach all-time highs, the surge in prices was accompanied by a surge in search...
Davos Needs to Wake Up to the Ills of Centralization
The lens of decentralization reveals a number of elephants in the room that world leaders at the WEF are missing....
Price Analysis Jan 17: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, ETC, TRX
Most major cryptocurrencies have resumed their up move, which shows that the rally can extend for a few more days. The total crypto market capitalization has risen from about $190.5 billion at the sta...
Crypto News Roundup for Jan. 17, 2020
Join CoinDesk Podcast Editor Adam B. Levine and Senior Markets Reporter Brad Keoun for a daily, time saving rundown of top news impacting crypto markets today....
US SEC Charges Convict and Associates for $30M Fraudulent ICO
The U.S. SEC has charged Boaz Manor and his associates with raising over $30 million through a fraudulent initial coin offering. The United States Securities and Exchange Commision has charged a group...
How an Ethereum Offshoot Became a Top 10 Cryptocurrency After an Abrupt 35% Rally
The top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap represent the crème de la crème of the cryptocurrency space, and the altcoins listed alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum there are often considered some of the best and...
SEC: Cash-Strapped Telegram Launched 2018 Token Sale to Pay for Servers
Telegram launched its token sale because it was "short on cash" to pay for servers, the SEC said....
Block.One Will Not Launch Its Social Network on EOS
In a departure from earlier announcements, the company now says its Facebook rival, Voice, "will be run on a purpose-made EOSIO blockchain."...
Amid Legal Controversy, Telegram Blockchain Explorers Are Already Available
Despite recent action by the SEC, Telegram Open Network now has a fully-fledged blockchain explorer from Blockchair for its reportedly unstable testnet. As the SEC lawsuit against Telegram Open Networ...
SEC Charges ICO Operator Who Used Alias After Past Conviction
The SEC has charged Blockchain Terminal founder Boaz Manor with securities fraud for a $30 million ICO conducted in 2017 and 2018....
Ripple-Backed Crypto Wallet BRD Launches Blockchain Toolbox for Enterprise Apps
The mobile wallet provider is launching a suite of tools aimed to allow blockchain developers to more easily and cheaply build apps for enterprises....
Dow Blazes While U.S. Housing Market Data Surge to Pre-Recession Levels
The Dow blazed toward a weekly gain of more than 500 points as U.S. housing market data surged to a 13-year high - and pre-recession levels. The post Dow Blazes While U.S. Housing Market Data Surge to Pre-Recession Level...
Institutional Money May Be Igniting the Current Bitcoin Rally
Grayscale raked in close to $200 million in 2019 Q4 bitcoin investments. That may explain why the cryptocurrency bottomed out in December. The post Institutional Money May Be Igniting the Current Bitcoin Rally appeared f...
Altcoin Market Explodes By Over 50% In 30 Days, Is Crypto Due for A Pullback?
This week, the total altcoin market cap broke out from local downtrend resistance, causing many individual crypto assets to go on monstrous rallies, some to as much as 400% gains. The breakout also caused the total crypt...
Swedish Crypto Exchange BTCX Plans IPO in 2020
An IPO offers BTCX the opportunity to help bring transparency to the industry, it's CEO says....
Blockchain Dispute Resolution Firm to List On London Stock Exchange
Proof of Trust, a smart contract dispute resolution firm, plans to list on the Main Market of London Stock Exchange. A company that uses smart contracts to manage arbitration and dispute resolution ar...
Bitcoin Short Sellers Are in Big Trouble For This Reason, And Strong Rally is to Ensue
The bitcoin price is up by 10 percent in the past four days and after such a big rally, a short-term pullback follows. But, a top trader says it will take a lot for short sellers to hunt for longs in this environment, wh...
Alethea to Launch Decentralized Network for Deepfakes and Synthetic Content
Alethea is set to launch a decentralized network to ensure the digital rights for deepfake videos in an attempt to regulate the creation of fake AI-based media. Alethea AI is launching a decentralized...
Business.Club – Unique Opportunities to Grow Your Capital
Business.Club is a stable, digital platform that is constantly growing and comprises success-oriented individuals. By joining this platform, you’re on the right track to unveiling unique opportunities that will inc...
It’s (Nearly) Over $9,000: Is Bitcoin’s Halving Finally Being Priced In?
Bitcoin is inching closer to $9,000, leading some analysts to speculate about a post-halving breakout for the number one cryptocurrency. The post It’s (Nearly) Over $9,000: Is Bitcoin’s Halving Finally Being...
Canadian Regulator Issues New Guidance for Cryptocurrency Exchanges
The Canadian Securities Administration has issued new guidance that determines which digital currency trading platforms fall under derivatives law. Canadian authorities have issued new guidance to det...
Tron to Include Zcash-Based Privacy Features, Announces Trusted Setup Ceremony
Tron is set to introduce privacy technology based on zero knowledge proofs to its smart contracts, using copied Zcash code for the trusted setup. Tron (TRX) is set to feature zero knowledge-based priv...
Call of Duty Nukes the 2010 Decade as the Biggest Game Franchise
According to new data published by analyst firm The NPD Group, Call of Duty is the best selling franchise of the last decade. The post Call of Duty Nukes the 2010 Decade as the Biggest Game Franchise appeared first on CC...
CEO: Bitcoin Halving Will Hugely Push The Entire Cryptocurrency Market Upwards
Bitcoin Suisse CEO, Arthur Vayloyan sets out a bullish expectation for cryptocurrency in 2020. And while many investors are feeling a sense of frustration over Bitcoin’s failure to recapture the all-time high, Vayl...
Bitcoin Falls Back After Briefly Breaking $9k Resistance
Bitcoin's bulls have failed to make a solid move above $9,000, having briefly topped the psychological resistance level earlier on Friday....
New Hampshire’s Second Bill to Accept Bitcoin as Tax Payment Fails
The U.S. state of New Hampshire fails to pass its second bill to accept crypto for tax payments due to the high volatility of Bitcoin. Lawmakers in the New Hampshire state legislature have killed a bi...
Google Stadia ‘BT Bundle’ Might Finally Sell the Gaming Misfire
Google Stadia hasn't been too successful since it launched, but if the deal with BT works out many more people will own Google Stadia. The post Google Stadia ‘BT Bundle’ Might Finally Sell the Gaming Misfire...
Bitcoin Price Could Surge To $50,000 By Mid-2021: Here’s Why
Since Bitcoin (BTC) hit $20,000 for the first time in December 2017, analysts have been wondering when the cryptocurrency will break its next big price milestone next. The closest round-number milestone from $20,000 is a...
Libra Association Forms Steering Committee to Guide Technical Development
The Libra Association has formed a five-member steering committee to guid the network’s technical development. The Libra Association — the government body of the eponymous stablecoin intro...
5 Reasons Dow Will Finish The Week On an Incredible High
The Dow could make it to 30,000 sooner than expected as several key events help spur on this rally and help markets march higher. The post 5 Reasons Dow Will Finish The Week On an Incredible High appeared first on
CME Bitcoin Futures See Open Interest Surge as Global Volume Hits $25B
Open interest hovers around $237 million with trajectory clearly pointing to a fresh record coming in January, with volume at three-month highs. Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives trading looks set to reach re...
Binance in Talks to Launch Crypto Trading Joint Venture in Japan
The exchange said it is discussing a strategic partnership with a Softbank subsidiary and Japan-based exchange TaoTao to work together to provide "trading services" in the country....
Altcoin Season? Crypto Assets Will Surge If They Break Past This Key Level
Since early-2018’s market crash, crypto investors have been waiting for altcoins, digital assets that are not Bitcoin (BTC), to surge higher. Unfortunately for these investors, this hasn’t happened yet, with ...
Jeff Bezos Missed 20,000% Gains after $250K Google Stake in 1998
As Google's market cap soars above $1 trillion, an investment Jeff Bezos made in the then-startup would have been up 20,000% percent today. The post Jeff Bezos Missed 20,000% Gains after $250K Google Stake in 1998 appear...
Blockchain Arbitration Firm Proof of Trust Plans London Stock Exchange Listing
The company has said it plans to list on the London Stock Exchange's main market....
Watch Civic’s CEO Talk About His New Cross-Border Payment System
The Civic Wallet is a noncustodial money transfer system that uses your face instead of complex keys....
After 65% Rally, ChainLink Just Surpassed a Major Level For First Time in 3 Months
ChainLink (LINK), the 17th most valuable cryptocurrency in the market, surpassed the $2.8 level for the first time since November 2019 after a  65 percent rally. With strong partnerships, ChainLink has maintained an...
Bitcoin Price Already Up 25% in 2020 After Hitting $9,000
A surge higher to finally exit the $8,000 range was short-lived at press time as observers waited to see where support would appear. Bitcoin (BTC) hit $9,000 on Jan. 17 as technical metrics continued ...
17/01/2020 Announces New Mining Plans and 2020 Lunar New Year Event
Starting from January 17th, 2020, will launch their annual Lunar Giveaway Event for their loyal user-base approaching the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. The post Announces New Mining Plans a...
2019’s DeFi Boom Creates New Questions for Tax Filing Season
A number of startups are now trying to help retail investors make sense of the tax implications of decentralized finance....
2 Factors Why Sky-High Tesla is a Massively Overvalued Stock
Tesla is valued at $92.55 billion, just $8 billion short of the market cap of Volkswagen. All the numbers point toward inflated valuation. The post 2 Factors Why Sky-High Tesla is a Massively Overvalued Stock appeared fi...
Crypto dealer SFOX Adds New Service for Fund Managers to Invest in Digital Assets
San Francisco Open Exchange unveiled Thursday its new “Separately Managed Account Solution” to help investors create their own crypto trading strategies....
Binance CEO Says Compliance Is Key for New Strategic Partnership in Japan
Major cryptocurrency exchange Biannce has entered negotiations regarding a partnership in the Japanese market. Binance, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges globally, has started discussions regard...
Bitcoin Just Surpassed $9,000: It Means a Full-Blown Crypto Rally is Just Beginning
After two days of crypto market consolidation in the high-$8,000s, Bitcoin (BTC) just broke 3% higher from the $8,700 range equilibrium to tap the key $9,000 psychological and technical resistance on Binance and other to...
PS4 ‘Exclusive’ Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC – And It Won’t Be the Only One
Years after being releaseed as a 'PlayStation exclusive', Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly coming to PCs this year. The post PS4 ‘Exclusive’ Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC – And It Won’t Be the ...
Sorry Bears, Bitcoin Won’t Go Down Quietly And Here’s Why It Could Rally
Bitcoin corrected lower below $8,700, but it found a strong support above $8,500 against the US Dollar. BTC price is currently rising and it could rally if it clears the $8,840-$8,900 resistance area. Bitcoin price might...
This Scenario Will Trigger A New Ripple Rally: Key Levels To Watch
Ripple corrected lower sharply from $0.2450, but it found support near $0.2200 against the US Dollar, similar to bitcoin near $8,500. XRP price is recovering, but it must surpass $0.2360 for a fresh rally. Ripple price i...
Ethereum Set For Further Gains In Light of Fresh Technical Breakout
Ethereum found support near the $158 level and started a fresh increase, similar to bitcoin. ETH is gaining momentum and it could soon break the $170 resistance. Ether price started a fresh increase after it found suppor...
Existing Bitcoin Exchange Dwarfs Institutional Volume: Are CME and Bakkt Overhyped?
Despite successful shows of force from CME Group and Bakkt’s Bitcoin options offerings, the majority of volume still goes through Deribit. This squashes fears that the new offerings would be in direct competition w...
This Single Factor Suggests Bitcoin’s 2020 Rally is Far From Over
Bitcoin has been holding steady around the $8,700 region after facing an influx of selling pressure that forced it to lose its previously held position within the $8,800 region. Data suggests that this selling pressure w...
Huobi Joins Blockchain Turkey Platform to Boost Local Ecosystem
Huobi joins Turkey’s leading blockchain initiative to support local cooperation. Major crypto exchange Huobi becomes a member of the Blockchain Turkey Platform to cooperate with local players on...
Deribit Takes On New Trading Tools to Capture ‘Exploding’ Options Market
Global provider of professional trading software Trading Technologies announced Wednesday it would provide connectivity to leading derivatives exchange, Deribit...
Anchorage, Bison Trails Execs to Helm Libra’s New ‘Technical Steering Committee’
The Libra Association has formed a steering committee to oversee the creation of its technical roadmap....
Bitcoin Could Soon Tumble Lower as Its Funding Rate Begins Flipping Positive
Bitcoin has begun showing some signs of topping out as the crypto inches lower from its previous consolidation region around $8,800. BTC’s move towards $8,600 has led some analysts to believe that its recent highs ...
CabbageTech CEO Sentenced to 33 Months in Prison After Pleading Guilty in Fraud Case
Patrick McDonnell was sentenced to 33 months in federal prison and ordered to pay victims $225,000 after pleading guilty to charges he defrauded investors in his crypto trading platform, CabbageTech....
Why This New Act of Congress Could Drive Crypto Adoption
The taxation of crypto assets may well be hindering their adoption in the United States. Deemed a commodity by the CFTC and property by the IRS, each time an individual makes a purchase with a digital currency, they are ...
Currency ‘Cold War’ Takes Center Stage at Pre-Davos Crypto Confab
Cryptocurrencies could be at the heart of a new Cold War, at least according to some investors at the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz....
Odell Beckham Jr. Butt Slap Arrest Warrant Exposes a Broken Justice System
Police issued an arrest warrant Odell Beckham Jr. after he slapped a police officer Monday night, but they should look the other way. The post Odell Beckham Jr. Butt Slap Arrest Warrant Exposes a Broken Justice System ap...
The New Microsoft Edge Is a Third-Rate Chrome Knockoff
Currently around 4.5% of people use Edge globally. Microsoft is hoping to change that with the new Microsoft Edge based on Google's open-source Chromium engine. The post The New Microsoft Edge Is a Third-Rate Chrome Knoc...
VC Giant Grayscale Investments Reports Record-Breaking Year
Venture capital firm Grayscale Investments banked a stellar 2019 to surpass the $1 billion mark in total investments. Venture capital firm Grayscale Investments banked a stellar 2019 to surpass the $1...
US Lawmakers Try Again on Tax Relief for Small Crypto Payments
House Representatives’ bipartisan legislation would exempt realized crypto gains under $200 from taxation....
Binance Futures Adding Chainlink Could Spark Major LINK Volatility
The margin trading wing of popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced that they will soon be offering traders access to up to 75x leverage on popular cryptocurrency Chainlink (LINK). The addition of LINK to th...
Decred’s Akin Sawyerr Says Blockchain Is Part of Africa’s Political Future
Blockchain-based governance could lead the way towards better business and political practices around the world, says investor Akin Sawyerr....
Dow Smashes Record as Animal Spirits Seize the U.S. Stock Market
The Dow Jones surged to a record high on Thursday as momentum erased lingering fears over the enforceability of the phase one deal. The post Dow Smashes Record as Animal Spirits Seize the U.S. Stock Market appeared first...
Why ‘Crypto Dad’ Is Building the Digital Dollar Foundation
With the proverbial digital currency barbarians at the gate, ex-CFTC chair Christopher Giancarlo launches a digital dollar initiative....
Fake News on Steroids: Deepfakes Are Coming – Are World Leaders Prepared?
What 2018 and 2019 were to blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the WEF stage (met with a healthy mix of intrigue and skepticism), 2020 will be to synthetic media, also known by the ominous-sounding euphemism “deepfa...
Gemini’s $200M Crypto Insurance Indicates Rapidly Rising Instiutional Demand
The Gemini crypto asset exchange has just announced an increase to its custody platform’s insurance coverage. At $200 million, the Winklevoss-led trading venue now boasts the largest cold storage insurance limit of...
Joker’s Mortal Kombat 11 Fatality Is the Best We’ve Ever Seen
Mortal Kombat 11 has some great DLC on the way, but the best part of the new Joker character is his amazing fatality. The post Joker’s Mortal Kombat 11 Fatality Is the Best We’ve Ever Seen appeared first on C...
Bancor’s Airdrop as First Step to Take Blockchain Out of 1997: Interview
Cointelegraph interviewed Bancor’s Eyal Hertzog and Nate Hindman to learn more about the planned BNT airdrop, DAO transition and the future of crypto. Decentralized exchange project Bancor (BNT)...
MARKETS DAILY: Crypto News Roundup for Jan. 16, 2020
With bitcoin up more than 20% so far this year, the rally is taking a breather. CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with an expanded news round-up that'll condense about an hour of reading into less than 8 minutes of stori...
Cyberpunk 2077 Joins FFVII & Marvel’s Avengers as Latest Delayed AAA Game
Taking to Twitter less than an hour ago, The Witcher 3 developer revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 will now release on Sept. 17 rather than the original launch date of Apr. 16. The post Cyberpunk 2077 Joins FFVII & Marvel...
Blind Bitcoin Bias Gives Crypto Technical Analysis a Bad Rap
If you’ve spent any time browsing crypto Twitter, or any of the Bitcoin or crypto-focused communities on Reddit, there’s no doubt you’ve come across investors challenging traders sharing charts filled w...
Jerome Powell Secretly Knows the Federal Reserve Is About to Crash the U.S. Stock Market
Jerome Powell spilled the beans on the dangers of an expanding Fed balance sheet. But that was seven years ago. The post Jerome Powell Secretly Knows the Federal Reserve Is About to Crash the U.S. Stock Market appeared ...
Tesla Stock Plunges After Financial Media Misreports Registrations. Again.
Tesla (TSLA) stock dropped on Thursday but bulls shouldn't worry about the collapse in registrations, regardless of what media says. The post Tesla Stock Plunges After Financial Media Misreports Registrations. Again. app...
Telegram’s Legal Battle With the SEC Heats Up Over TON Bank Records
The SEC lands the latest blow against Telegram, forcing it to disclose its bank records, while Durov promises to comply. Telegram’s battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commiss...
New Hampshire Lawmakers Vote Down Crypto Tax Bill
New Hampshire legislators have scrapped a bill that would have allowed state agencies to accept cryptocurrencies for tax payments....
R.E.M. Blasts Trump in Faux-Woke Rant Teeming with Hypocrisy
R.E.M.'s faux-woke rant about Donald Trump using their music without permission is all about staying relevant, and it teems with hypocrisy. The post R.E.M. Blasts Trump in Faux-Woke Rant Teeming with Hypocrisy appeared f...
Coinbase-Backed Crypto Ratings Council Adds eToro, OKCoin
Coinbase-backed Crypto Ratings Council expands its network with three new members and five digital assets. The Coinbase-backed Crypto Ratings Council (CRC), a group of major United States’ crypt...
Research: Binance and Huobi Received Over 52% of Total $2.8B Illicit BTC in 2019
Binance and Huobi received over 52% of total $2.8 billion in illicit Bitcoin transfers in 2019, according to a new Chainalysis report. Binance and Huobi have together received over 52% of total $2.8 b...
Bill to Exempt Small Crypto Transactions From Taxes Returns to US Congress
US Congress sees another bill to free crypto spenders from a duty to report capital gains on crypto used in personal transactions. A bill seeking to exempt personal cryptocurrency transactions from ta...
Over 359 Companies Are Building The Future On Ethereum
Negative sentiment surrounding the crypto market has done significant damage to Ethereum’s reputation. It’s become a common thread across the crypto community to question Ethereum’s use case, and ask th...
Steep 2 Is Secretly in Development at Ubisoft – Here’s Every Detail We Know
According to a source speaking to, Ubisoft is currently developing Steep 2, a sequel to 2016's open-world extreme sports title, Steep. The post Steep 2 Is Secretly in Development at Ubisoft – Here’s E...
3 Possible Careers For Antonio Gates Now That He’s Retiring from the NFL
Los Angeles Chargers tight end Antonio Gates has announced he is retiring from the NFL after 16 seasons. So, what does the future hold for him? The post 3 Possible Careers For Antonio Gates Now That He’s Retiring f...
Smash Ultimate Totally Blew It by Wasting a Fighter Slot on Byleth
The final Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass DLC has been revealed, and Nintendo is screwing over fans by including another Fire Emblem character. The post Smash Ultimate Totally Blew It by Wasting a Fighter Slot on Byleth appe...
Dead Coins and Wallets: The Treasures of Atlantis or Zombie Uprising?
Amid the constantly growing cryptocurrency market, the number of irreversible coins in increasing affecting the whole industry development. The initial coin offering crypto buzz hit all-time high popu...
Today Is Critical For Bitcoin, And Could Dictate The Trend For Weeks To Come
All eyes are on Bitcoin price once again, as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap has recently made several attempts to break out of downtrend resistance. But as the recent rally has begun to fizzle out, an ominous c...
The U.S. Stock Market Is All Teed Up for a Nauseating Plunge
The U.S. stock market is drunk on unfounded optimism, and a nauseating plunge could be in the cards if fundamentals don't catch up soon. The post The U.S. Stock Market Is All Teed Up for a Nauseating Plunge appeared firs...
Bitcoin’s Share of PoW Mining Rewards Now Above 80%
Rewards received by bitcoin miners form a major chunk of the salaries paid across major proof of work (PoW) blockchains, according to Yassine Elmandjra, a cryptocurrency analyst from ARK Invest....

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